PET HATE EP (2010)

Image of PET HATE EP (2010)

$10.00 - On Sale

The ball-tearing raucous post-punk fury of Melbourne three-piece Damn Terran is now ready for your stereo!

Recorded at Head Gap studios (My Disco, Love of Diagrams, Regurgitator) with Sammy K (In Tongues, Gatherer, On Sierra) and mastered by the unmatched Nao Anzai (Princess One Point Five, Tic Toc Tokyo, Children Collide), Damn Terran’s debut EP ‘Pet Hate’ will be a fierce seven-track speaker-melting disc to add to the great Melbournian rock canon.


1. 98.1
2. Man Of Your Dreams
3. Rational Economic Man
4. Oh
5. Death Of Me
6. Crowd Control
7. You Need Me

COST: $10 AUD + postage (AUS sent express. Rest of World sent normal postage)

'Damn Terran’s debut EP Pet Hate is brazen, like a good punk rock effort should be.'

Rich with distortion and unbridled aggression, Pet Hate is the best representation of Damn Terran any recording could get without it actually being a live show.' - The AU Review